Rico Blanco’s Back to Rock You Out of this World with “Amats”

Four years after he took you to “Your Universe” via his solo debut, former Rivermaya frontman Rico Blanco now brings you to another dimension and back with “Galactik Fiestamatik,” his highly-anticipated second album. “The title IS the genre,” shares Blanco, and a journey through the songs will give the listener a better idea of what he means.

Between the barrage of Ati-atihan tribal drums and percussions, the beeps and screeches of analog synthesizers, the unlikely instruments in Blanco‟s repertoire (a melodica, a lyre, a violin, a gigantic cowbell), and countless „found‟ instruments (“There‟s pots and pans, a section from my neighbor‟s abandoned rooftop gutter, metal tubes and other instruments I got from the hardware store…”), this mad scientist takes one on a festive adventure that seems ethnic, folk, punk, and futuristic, all at once, with Blanco‟s signature songwriting as the centrepiece.

Performed and recorded by Blanco entirely by himself in his studio attic, the album celebrates a sound that is raw, imperfect, and deeply personal. “I wanted this album to sound more abrasive, more flawed than correct, production-wise,” a first for this notorious perfectionist. “I wanted you to feel things, get annoyed by things, be distracted by one sound, fall in love with another…”

The carrier single, “Amats,” an eerily compelling song of infatuation that‟s borderline stalker-ish, assaults you from the get-go. Blanco reveals, “‟Amats‟ was originally written for a band, major chords, pop rock—the kind of song you‟d expect from me, melodic, sweet…then I wondered, what if I make it dark, talagang amats?” It becomes more dangerous…[to make] you feel on the edge, uncomfortable. I wanted it to be in your face, like a stalker you want to get rid of.”

Bold, bizarre, and yet strangely familiar, get a sneak peak of Rico Blanco‟s brand new album via his first single “Amats” which will go on air on Monday, June 4th. Log on to for more updates on Rico Blanco.

Rico At The Top Of His Game

There is no doubt that Rico Blanco is a gifted musician and performer. His success as a recording artist and his fanbase can attest to this, as well as his staying power in the music industry. His words and music have chronicled not only his own journey as an artist, they spoke to lives of his fans, and even casual listeners as well. Even after launching his career as a solo artist in 2008, he presented even more artistic bones with every project he’s immersed into.
Ever exceeding his artistic limits, Rico effectively turned into an actor as he took on the role of Lucas in the TV series “Imortal.” Acting, after all is an extension of his being a performer, and with this new title under his belt, he’s steadily gathering even more fans.
To chronicle Rico’s successful career in the last couple of years, Warner Music Philippines releases a two-CD limited edition of Rico’s 1st album Your Universe. The first disc has the original release of the album while disc two has a fresh lineup of six tracks that highlights his newest song “Kahit Walang Sabihin,” the song from the hit teleserye “Imortal.” The other tracks are from Rico’s various projects – “Bangon” was written for the victims of Ondoy, but it’s still being played on the radio and it’s still relevant as it was when it was first released, speaking to all victims of natural calamities in the country. “China in Me” is one of the songs included in the Southeast Asian release of the album along with the chart-topper “Neon Lights” and its Funk Avy remix, which debuted at No. 1 in Hong Kong’s top radio chart, Music Bus Hong Kong, and an acoustic version of one of his biggest hits “Your Universe.”
In addition to his multiple hats, Rico is also a Sesame Street ambassador for its project “Sesame Street Kid Ako.” As the ambassador, he is the face and voice of the campaign to generate support from the media and sponsors to raise funds for Sesame Street to create a Sesame Street corner with a TV and DVD set along with Sesame Street videos at public schools to encourage laughter and learning at an early age. “I feel blessed to be given the chance to help,” Rico said, when asked about this different venue for his talent. As part of this project, he is also working on rock versions of two classic Sesame Street songs.
Not one to stay still and rest on his laurels, Rico is constantly on the move, stretching and making use of his talents, widening his horizons. With the release of his limited edition double CD and with “Imortal” closing to a successful end, we can see just how far he has gone. For his fans, this is just one of the many unexpected things that are yet to come from Rico Blanco.
Grab a copy of the limited edition 2CD version of “Your Universe + Kahit Walang Sabihin” for only P350 from your favorite record bars nationwide. Text KWS to 5677 to get “Kahit Walang Sabihin” on your mobile phones or text RICO to 5677 to get hits from his album.


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The best composition will get P50,000 and will be turned into a song by Pinoy Rock Legend, Rico Blanco.

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Manila, Philippines, March TK, 2011:  The producers behind world renowned children’s television show Sesame Street and multi-awarded Filipino artist, Rico Blanco are kicking off a new education campaign called “Sesame Street Kid Ako”, (I am a Sesame Street Kid).  In March2011, the partners will create a Sesame Street corner with TV and DVD set, books, and Sesame Street videos at a public school to encourage laughter and learning at an early age. Walkaround Elmo and Cookie Monster will be on hand to join in the education celebration. (more…)

SesameStreet Kid Ako Launch

Photos from the Sesame Street Kid Ako Launch. (more…)


Congratulations to the AYUZ-BEAT-THAT contest winners! Winners of 1 iPod shuffle each… (more…)

Rico Blanco in Singapore!

Mar 17 Radio Awards
“Rico Blanco performs at the Singapore Radio Music Awards with American Idol finalist Jason Castro, Patrizio Buanne and Alarice.”

MediaCorp TV Theatre
Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Andrew Road, Singapore 299939 (more…)


Mar 2, 2010. Hilera lashed out their single Radical in Music Museum at the 2010 MYX Music Awards, and as the song came to an end, that catchy phrase “Lahat Ng Hassle ay Mawawala” of Rico’s new single Ayuz from his album Your Universe, suddenly segued and filled the walls of the theater. In an instance, all eyes were on Rico as he made his way to the stage and rocked out Ayuz with Hilera. Rico did not just sing with Hilera, he also sampled the audience with his dance moves that were first seen in the Ayuz music video. But the bigger surprise was at the very last part of the performance, Rico, solo on the stage, took the spot light and lashed out really sharp moves leaving literally everybody in awe of his surprise act. (more…)

Your Universe crosses Asian borders and makes its way to Singapore.

Great news for Rico Blanco fans in Singapore.

We know you’ve been wanting to have the album so we’re bringing Rico’s music to you.

Your Universe is now available at HMV and That CD Shop in Singapore. (more…)


Rico Blanco's Back to Rock You Out of this World with "Amats"
Rico Blanco’s Back to Rock You Out of this World with “Amats”

Four years after he took you to “Your Universe” via his solo debut, former Rivermaya frontman Ri…

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Congratulations to the AYUZ-BEAT-THAT contest winners! Winners of 1 iPod shuffle each……

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SesameStreet Kid Ako Launch
SesameStreet Kid Ako Launch

Photos from the Sesame Street Kid Ako Launch.…

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